July 3, 2018

Philly ICE Occupation!

Take action to stop ICE!

Philly ICE Occupation!


Still here
114 N 8th St.
Bring water, vegan food, people!
Venmo occupyicephl if you’re so moved!

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Take action to stop ICE!

Mass public outrage has forced Trump to withdraw the policy of separating families in detention facilities. But this is not enough: detention without separation is not acceptable either!

Immigration has effectively been criminalized – that’s how far back we’ve been set. It should not be a crime to flee poverty and violence, especially since that poverty and violence is often the result of US intervention in the countries from which immigrants come. To begin to fix this, we must abolish ICE, and end the threats of detention and deportation of immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees.

We must carry the momentum forward and fight to completely decriminalize immigration. Join us to rally at City Hall.

We demand:

1. Stop the Deportations: Abolish ICE

ICE is responsible for family separation and for raids of homes and workplaces. ICE is also an economic weapon on working people, used to drive down wages and working conditions of immigrants, and by extension, the broader working class. ICE is a humanitarian abomination, and also an obstacle to the progress of all working people.

2. End Family Detention: Close Berks

The Berks County Family Detention Center, outside of Philly, is 1 of 3 family detention centers in the country, and the only one that can hold families indefinitely. We demand Gov. Wolf order the closure of Berks. Families must be guaranteed legal status and an option of high quality housing in-state, NOT be transferred to another facility upon closure.

3. No Cooperation with ICE in Philly

ICE has access to PARS, a legal database used by the city. This contract ends on 8/31, and we demand that Mayor Kenney cancel it.

Ending the criminalization of immigrants is a crucial part of the fight to secure true safety and security for all working people and the oppressed – a fight which includes affordable housing, a living wage, quality public education, and a massive jobs program.






Coalition members:

  • Socialist Alternative
  • Philly Socialists
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Montgomery County Socialists
  • Liberation Project
  • Philly DSA
  • Reclaim Philadelphia
  • Green Party of Philadelphia
  • International Marxist Tendency
  • IWW Philly