November 24, 2014

Build a Movement Against Racism and Poverty!

Build a Movement Against Racism and Poverty!

Time to Fight Back!

Ferguson to Philly!  
Spread the Protests!


Hundreds of Philadelphians take to the streets last night in solidarity with the family of Mike Brown, the community of Ferguson, and to show our contempt of the Grand Jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson.

  • Indict Darren Wilson with a full investigation into the Ferguson police by community groups and labor unions.
  • For elected civilian review boards in all cities with the power of hiring and firing as a step towards community con- trol of the police.
  • Stop the militarization of the police! For the millions spent on new police weaponry to be invested in schools, health care, housing and public works.
  • For economic justice! For guaranteed quality jobs with a $15 an hour minimum wage.
  • For a new Black Freedom Movement to build coordinated national protests against racism, police violence and economic inequality.