February 25, 2016

Building A Movement To Win

Building A Movement To Win
![Bernie Flyer 2](https://phillysocialistalt.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/bernie-flyer-2.png)

Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution against the billionaire class has enthused millions of people who want a political alternative to Wall Street. But to achieve Sanders’ demands for $15 an hour, single payer healthcare, tuition-free college and the end of mass incarceration will take an organized mass movement.

**To this end Socialist Alternative has launched #Movement4Bernie. M4B’s initial statement spells out what is needed: **

“We can turn this into the most important election in decades by building an organized political force behind the Sanders campaign to fight against racism, sexism and corporate domination.

“Bernie’s campaign offers the opportunity to fight back. He has opened up an urgently needed debate about an alternative to capitalism, democratic socialism.

“We need a vibrant and visible campaign in every workplace, campus, and community that actively takes up low wages, racism and environmental destruction. We need public meetings and protests connecting Bernie’s campaign to the struggles against injustice created by the system.

“We can begin to build a new, lasting, and powerful force – based on the independent power of working people and not big business – that can lead a fight back against the billionaire class and their politicians from both parties after the 2016 election is over.”

In Philly, Socialist Alternative members are working alongside Philly For Bernie and other activists to build a broad based movement to win. We have our work cut for us. We face a powerful Democratic Party political machine that has controlled Philly politics since 1954. This machine has come down decisively on the side of Hillary Clinton, the candidate of Austerity, War, and Wall St. If we want to Bernie to win in PA we have to build our independent forces and a powerful mobilization on the issues.

We have an historic opportunity to use this campaign to begin building a new political force, independent of all corporate interests, to represent the interests of the 99% and expose the true nature of the  corporate political parties. #Movement4Bernie is a rallying point for all those who see the need to keep going and to build a new party of the 99%.

If you are interested in being a part of building this movement Join Us!

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