June 28, 2017

Emergency Rally To Stop TrumpCare Vote!

Emergency Rally To Stop TrumpCare Vote!

Senate Republicans are trying to rush a vote on Trumpcare this week that will repeal the Affordable Care Act and eliminate Medicaid as we know while giving a huge tax cut to the wealthiest 400 individuals!

Due to public pressure the vote has been delayed until after the July recess but the situation is still extremely urgent!

We are calling an EMERGENCY RALLY to stop the vote!

Thursday June 29th 5pm at Thomas Paine Plaza 

This bill will destroy Medicare and Medicaid as we know it and threaten the health care and lives of millions. The $839 billion sucked off Medicaid will be be served to the rich as tax cuts: $7M each for the richest 400! Flaws in the Affordable Care Act made it vulnerable to Republican attacks: we need to do more than defend the ACA, and instead fight for** improved medicare for all, regardless of income, employment, or legal status.**

Lets bring together all the forces fighting to defend healthcare in the face of the vicious attacks by the Trump administration!

All out against Trumpcare and welfare for billionaires!
Defend Medicare and Medicaid!
Universal Single-Payer healthcare now!