The fight for a fair contract at CCP is a fight for high-quality, public education in Philadelphia!
Support CCP Faculty and Staff in their fight for a fair contract!
No more cuts to public education! Fully fund CCP now!

Socialist Alternative Philadelphia supports the teachers, staff, students and community members in the fight for full funding at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP).

We have a right to high-quality, public education from early childcare through college. CCP provides a vital opportunity for Philadelphians to access higher education. Decades of budget cuts and underfunding have resulted in chronic financial crisis in the Philly public schools and at CCP. Unfortunately the response of the administration - instead of fighting for full funding from the city and state - is to try to further shift the financial burden for education on teachers, staff and students by forcing teachers to work longer hours and teach more classes with no increase in pay. This means fewer teachers per student, larger class sizes, and less time and support for students inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers' working conditions are our learning conditions. Instead of attacking the wages, benefits and working conditions of teachers and staff, the administration should be focused on solving the real problems at CCP: lowering class sizes, better on site childcare for students and staff, improving and expanding the curriculum to respond to the changes in the Philly economy, increasing graduation rates, and improving the quality of education with more support staff.

Tax the Rich

CCP is an integral part of the Philly public education system, and balancing the budget on the backs of teachers and students is no solution. We demand that the city fully fund its share of CCP’s budget now! We demand that the city meet its obligations to CCP without cuts to other needed services. We have the money! Real estate developers are getting rich turning our city into their playground, building tax abated luxury housing, pushing working class families out of neighborhoods they’ve lived in for generations. Corporations like Comcast and Verizon pay little to no city, state or federal taxes while making massive profits. Instead of more cuts we demand a focus on new revenue and an end to corporate welfare.

Bernie Sanders has announced his 2020 campaign for President, and free higher education is a key part of his program. Mayor Kenney and this City Council have claimed that they stand with the ‘resistance’ to Trump’s right wing pro-corporate agenda. Talk is cheap! Prove it! Tax the billionaire developers and corporations, and take the fight to Harrisburg and DC if necessary. Our city must take up the serious demand for free public college while fully funding our public K-12 school system, libraries, rec centers, and early childcare.

A Bigger Movement

All across the country teachers have been leading the fight to stop attacks on our living standards and win victories defending public education and public services. The recent teachers strikes in Los Angeles and Oakland mobilized working class communities in a common struggle to fund public education and end privatizations. We also call on Philly’s unions to lead the way in rebuilding a fighting labor movement centered on the social power of the working class to win Medicare for All, affordable housing for all, free college and an end to mass incarceration.

Finally as socialists: While we vigorously fight for the reforms we need today to improve for our lives as working class people, we believe that all oppressions and class exploitation are rooted in capitalism. It is this economic system that produces poverty, inequality, environmental destruction, and war. We need an international struggle against this failed system. While important reforms can be won, we will never be able to turn capitalism into a system that works for ordinary people. Building a movement now around a fighting program is just the start of a process that can lead to the development of a revitalized labor movement and a new mass working-class party that fights for the far-reaching socialist transformation of human society.

(Photo via Faculty & Staff Federation of CCP)