July 31, 2014

Fund Our Schools Not the Massacre of Palestinian Children!

Fund Our Schools Not the Massacre of Palestinian Children!

Another deadly night has passed in Gaza

Explosions rock the city, smoke obscures the blood.  The roar of tanks and gunfire almost drown out the wails of Palestinian mothers mourning the death of children, of hope – almost.  For nearly three weeks now, Palestine has been decimated by yet another invasion by the Israeli government of capital and settlements.  As of this writing, an estimated 1,100 Palestinians killed, 6,500 wounded, 400,000 displaced from their homes.  Nearly eighty percent of these casualty figures have been civilians and children.  Israel has suffered 48 deaths by comparison.  The invasion of Palestine by Israel is indeed a war crime.

In the U.S. we have been taught that America is the beacon of freedom to the world. But in the eyes of the world our nation is supporting a military machine that ismassacring innocent families in Gaza. Since 2000, the U.S. has given $45 Bn in military aid to Israel. Our government knows full well that our tax money is allowing these massacres to occur. What else would Israel do with it?  Iran is presently contained.  Syria is in flames. The rest of the Arab world is too busy with the capitalist oil orgy to care.

It was Capitalist trade interests, that created this nightmare in the first place.  The highly praised, but deeply flawed, Balfour Declaration of 1917, said that Britain (with full U.S. support) favored,  “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”  This was done not for humanitarian reasons, but to protect trade through the Suez Canal, and to protect the most profitable British colony, India.  In essence, the Capitalists promised two ethnic groups, Jews and Palestinians, the same strip of land, laying the seeds of “divide and  conquer”, in the hopes of “free trade” and future profit.

The Palestinians were not consulted, nor would they have cared, about imperialist profit worries.  They had lived in Palestine since the end of the Crusades, farming, fishing, and raising generations of families.  It was only after the “Nakba” in 1948, that they formed so-called “militant” groups like the PLO.  Some of these groups had a socialist-leaning character, threatening Capitalism in the whole region ( also in the Arab countries).  As a reaction to that, islamist forces like Hamas were propped up by Capitalist governments.

It is important to understand that Capitalist Imperialism, Israeli, Arab and American alike, have no interest in either an end to the bloodshed, or a lasting peace.  For them it is paramount to feed the military-industrial beast with the blood of innocents, many of them children, to distract the Arab and Israeli masses from the real enemy.

American military equipment is sold to the Israeli occupation for the express purpose of slaughter.  Gaza is used as a proving ground for the latest military technologies.** The U.S. and Israeli arms industries reap huge profits **while drones stalk the skies over Gaza and Palestinian children burn.

It is important to note, that within the working classes of all three states, Israel, Palestine, and the U.S., there is vehement opposition to the current horror.  Daily protests in all three countries, with attendance in the hundreds and thousands, are growing rapidly.  In fact, right here in Philadelphia since March of 2014, there has been a monthly rally at the Israeli Consulate protesting an end to the massacre.  **Even within Israel, opinion polls continue to indicate that a majority of the Israeli population supports the dismantling of settlements and ending the occupation. **This is a touch of sunshine amidst the decay of yet another destructive imperialist war.

$45 Bn is a lot of money.  Money that could go a long way in rebuilding our crumbling schools and infrastructure, money that could go a long way towards strengthening our working class communities in Philly instead of being used to slaughter workers in Gaza. Why should we feed the capitalist war machine, when our own people are experiencing massive unemployment and hunger?

It is the duty of every Socialist, if not every human being, to speak out against these atrocities. To flood the streets, and airwaves, demanding an end to U.S. support of the occupation and massacre in Gaza. It’s time to build an international mass movement against war and terror, and an end to this system of exploitation and oppression. We have enough hell in this country, we don’t need to export it elsewhere.

Rally for the People of Gaza this Friday

August 1st – 4pm – Love Park