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A Q&A wth a Socialist Alternative Member on the Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage — PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

Conversation with reporter Randy Lobasso about the challenges and opportunities of ’15 Now’ in Philly

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Coalition of Workers Calls for a $15 Minimum Wage in PA — GENEROCITY.ORG

’15 Now’ Philly hit the streets in solidarity with striking fast food works to amplify the call for $15/hour for all in Philly.

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 REPORT: Minimum Wagers Can’t Afford to Live in Philly – NBC Philadelphia

After a large march in Center City, NBC reporter Doug Shimell read a report stating that workers need a $21/hour wage to afford to raise a family in Philadelphia.

3/8/14 March & Action

Is a $15 an Hour Minimum Wage for Real?– DAILY NEWS

Columnis Will Bunch reacts to Philly’s 1st rally for ’15 Now’ on March 8, 2014–International Women’s Day

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Activists in Philadelphia Join Nationwide Protest to Lift Minimum Wage-CBS NEWS

Television Coverage of our International Women’s Day Action

15 now philly march 8

Philadelphia Low Wage & Fast Food Workers Hungry for a $15 Minimum Wage – DAILY KOS

Daily Kos contributor, local Sean Kitchen, write about the beginning of our movement in Philly in February 2014