November 3, 2015

Kristin Combs for Philadelphia City Council!

Kristin Combs for Philadelphia City Council!

Lets strike a blow at the 2 party system!

Put an independent working class fighter on Philadelphia’s city council!

Kristin Combs is a Philadelphia public school teacher and union member who is running for an at-large city council seat on the Green Party ticket. Today we have an opportunity to radically shift the political dialogue in Philly by electing an independent working class candidate who has pledged to take a teachers salary! Kristin has unequivocally endorsed 15 Now and pledged to introduce legislation to raise the minimum wage challenging the undemocratic state control of Philadelphia’s affairs.

Philadelphia is the poorest of the nations large cities. The city minimum wage is tied to the state rate of $7.25/hour, and has been stuck there since 2006. Once one of the nations most affordable large cities with strong working class neighborhoods, Philadelphia is changing. We are undergoing a new ‘urban renaissance’, and with it increases in rents and taxes and the general cost of living. Decent paying union jobs are being replaced by non-union poverty wage jobs. Those working class neighborhoods not deemed fit for gentrification have been left to rot, city services continue to be cut and the public school system is in a perennial funding crisis while our teachers are blamed for the system fail and have become the relentless target of education ‘reformers’.


  • For full education funding!
  • For union rights for all workers!
  • For a 15/hour minimum wage, and defending public services from privatization!

When We Fight We Can Win!