Socialist Alternative Supports 15Now

Community activists  in Philadelphia and across the country are doing grassroots organizing to build a movement to raise the Minimum Wage in PA to $15 an hour.  Socialist Alternative members are proud to be a part of  this work!

Now more than ever, we live in an age of extreme inequality. Of all large American cities, Philadelphia ranks the highest in deep poverty, 12% of our neighbors living on less than half of poverty income. Over the last forty years, the people of Philadelphia have been devastated by the collapse of the manufacturing middle class, the loss of investment and the flight of good jobs from urban areas. Meanwhile, corporations like Comcast build skyscrapers on tax subsidies, favors from politicians and empty promises.

It’s time for workers to take back ownership of our city, and the fight for $15/hr minimum wage is just the beginning. A significant boost in the minimum wage can empower working class people to take control of our lives, our families and our neighborhoods.

In Seattle, Socialist Alternative member Kshama Sawant’s candidacy and City Council victory laid the groundwork for local victories across the country. Her campaigns for elected office as an unapologetic socialist brought the call for a $15 an hour minimum  wage to the center of mainstream political debate in Seattle. And within 6 months of her election victory, a continued organizing drive that included strikes, protests and a potential ballot initiative pushed $15 minimum wage legislation into law. As Councilwoman Sawant and 15 Now demonstrated in Seattle, big business can afford to pay working people what they deserve, but they won’t do it until we organize to demand a living wage.

In Philly, the 15Now campaign is an all-volunteer run organization with members across the city who train worker-leaders to organize their communities and their workplaces to demand $15/hour NOW! Our strategy is based on flexing the power of  people in numbers to change the way policy decisions are made in our city and our state.  No single meeting, political endorsement or promise from politicians will achieve permanent gains for working class people. We seek to accumulate power by building a working class mass movement that takes the fight from behind closed doors and into the streets.

Money and Volunteers are needed to carry out this work. If your organization would like to endorse and sponsor 15now please follow this link to the Philly 15Now website to make a donation, for the latest updates on the campaign, and an up to date list of endorsers.

Contact Philly 15Now directly at:

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**Phone: **267-225-4654