November 6, 2015

#SocialistsRising In Philly

#SocialistsRising In Philly

Socialist Alternative

Seattle City Councilor Kshama Sawant  


A Mandate For Working Class Politics!

[![King County Election Results 11/6/2015](](
King County Election Results 11/6/2015
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In Seattle hundreds of campaign supporters celebrate at our election night party


Lets Build The Socialist Movement Here In Philly!

Join us at 1pm this Saturday November 7th

Repair The World Workshop – 4029 Market St

For a discussion and a special video message from Kshama Sawant!

Not only can socialists get elected, we can get re-elected. At the time of this writing, after a hard fought campaign to beat back the combined efforts of local Democrats, CEOs, the Chamber of Commerce, the real estate lobby, the landlord lobby, Amazon, slumlords, six conservative members of the city council, and even a handful of Republican millionaires who created their own PAC to attack us and support our Democratic Party opponent in the final weeks of the campaign, over 55% of voters in Seattle’s District 3 have chosen Kshama Sawant to serve another four years on the City Council on a fighting working class program.

Across the country, a discussion is opening up around the[ Bernie Sanders]( campaign about socialism and how the 99% can really [build a challenge]( to the billionaire class. National polls continue to show growing support for socialism, especially among young people. In Seattle, [Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative]( are showing how we can challenge the interests of the 1%. The billionaires are organized. We have to be organized. In order to win victories for working people and to challenge the rule of the billionaires, we have to rebuild an organized socialist movement.
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What Does It Take To Win?

October 31st GOTV rally in the rain


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