January 30, 2017

The People:1  Trump:0

The People:1  Trump:0

Trump has just experienced his first defeat!

Over the weekend  thousands of working and middle class people piled into airports across the country shouting “Immigrants are welcome here!”

The ACLU and scores of middle class lawyers, and Democratic Party politicians joined this movement and the judiciary have so far sided with it. Even leading Republicans have condemned Trump’s move.

We need to build principled tactical and strategic unity with all forces resisting Trump:

  • Black Lives Matter!
  • No Deportations!
  • NoDapl – Green Jobs Now!

  • Defend LGBTQ People, Women, and Workers Rights!
  • 15 And A Union – 15 Now!
  • Defend And Extend Medicare To All!

With 10’s of 1000’s of people moving into struggle and fighting back against this administration’s right wing agenda we can defeat Trump.

If you want to join an organization that is engaged in this fight from the ground up that also has a clear analysis of the Democratic Party, independent movement building, and the need to build a new party of the 99% -that takes no corporate money – that will fight for us not the billionaires then check us out: Socialist Alternative 

On January 29th thousands of Philadelphians descended on PHL Intl Airport to say “Let Them In”!!!

Socialist Alternative was there.