January 31, 2017

The People:1 Trump:1

The People:1 Trump:1

The initial movement to defend immigrants and refugees from Trumps immigration ban executive order was hugely successful in mobilizing 10’s of thousands of people to occupy airports and roadways across the country.  Rulings from Federal Courts injuncting the administration from enforcing the order rapidly followed.

The response from the Trump administration was to fire the acting Attorney General and to refuse to obey the  Circuit Court injunction! Who’s outside the law now?
Now is not the time to take the movement off the streets and ‘let the system work’!

We need more than pretty speeches from Democratic politicians who vote to confirm Trumps cabinet picks when the protest  is over. 

We need to keep up the pressure and be prepared to escalate with mass nonviolent civil disobedience  to shut down business as usual! 

We new to move beyond ‘protest’ and work to build real political power independent of the corporate political parties. We need a clear strategy to take on Trumpism and win. We need a Party of the 99%!