July 13, 2016

Yo! Let's Do This!

Yo! Let's Do This!

It’s time for mass nonviolent protests against racism and poverty

Let’s build a multiracial, multigender working class movement to fight for union rights for all workers, for a 15/hour minimum wage, for Medicare for all, for full funding for our schools, for jobs for our youth, for democratic community control of police!

We need a real political alternative!

As long as power remains in the hands of business-backed politicians and the business-backed Democratic Party establishment, there will be no meaningful change. There will be more racist police harassment, brutality, and killings.

Building a political alternative is possible. Socialist Alternative has twice elected Kshama Sawant to City Council in Seattle, despite the all-out efforts by big business to defeat us. Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative built an energized mass base of support by taking an uncompromising approach to workers’ rights and racial equity.

Build a party of the 99%!

The time is now to organize against this racist, oppressive political and economic system that is killing us and destroying our planet!

It’s time to fight for an egalitarian socialist future!